Piloting the training course finished in Lithuania

Piloting the training course finished in Lithuania. Lithuania has successfully finished piloting the training course on Innovative and creative thinking in business. The program and the training material has been developed by 3 partners and piloted in all 3 partner institutions in the Nordplus Adult project “INNOSTARTUP”. The group consisted of 18 participants, who had great motivation to acquire new skills to apply in their future activities. The trainers Jolanta Lembertienė and Laura Norbutienė who worked with the group highly appreciated the interest and motivation of all the participants. The course participants were asked to give feedback on the material and the training process and they acknowledged that the training material is relevant to the needs of the entrepreneurs: it is well structured, gives useful, up-to date information to the needs of the entrepreneurs, helps to build understanding on innovations and creative thinking to be used in entrepreneurs’ further work and to develop overall entrepreneurship skills. The participants admit that it is very useful to have such practical training when you can meet people working in the same area, learn new things and develop new ideas. Jolanta Lembertienė Project „INNOSTARTUP” senior expert