Work system for pedagogues to develop children’s reading literacy

Project “Work system for pedagogues to develop children’s reading literacy” summary

One of the key ingredients in quality of education is the improvement of the quality of teachers work. Teachers need a high quality pedagogical and methodical support, because their competence plays a major role in child’s learning process. A competent elementary school teacher raises the development level of all his pupils and builds a strong foundation for their further education.

The result of project “Work system for pedagogues to develop children’s reading literacy” will be a complex of resources to raise education quality: trained coaches who will train teachers; a handbook for teachers, a developed and approbated further education program for teachers. The activities mentioned are aimed at a modern support for teachers to improve the reading literacy of children. Project activities will support high-quality, innovative learning. They will also provide a general support for professional development – improve cooperation and communication with teachers from other countries and further the experience exchange between teachers.

To tackle the problems mentioned we have set a project goal: develop a fitting approach to children’s reading literacy advancement – a goal oriented and successive work scheme for teachers working with kids from 1.5 to 12 years.

Planned activities:

  • Explore the good practices of reading literacy development in preschools an elementary schools in the partner countries (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia);
  • Prepare a handbook for teachers based on the best practices and research;
  • Train coaches from all partner countries who will train teachers;
  • Develop a further education program for teachers;
  • Approbate the further education program;
  • Using the experience gained, develop a strategy for implementing the new approach.

12 experts – teacher educators will be trained in this project.They will prepare the handbook and the further education program. The education program will be approbated. 120 teachers from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will participate in the approbation. A closing conference with the goal to popularize and disseminate the results will be organized at the end of the project. The intellectual results – the handbook and the further education program – will be made freely available on the project website.

Project impact reaches beyond the direct target group – the teachers. It will also affect the children aged form 1.5 to 12 years and older. The observable results will be not only the improvement in reading literacy, but also in an improvement in learning results in general. Reading literacy is one of the basic skills that has a major impact on learning as a whole. Project results will have a substantial influence on the general quality of education and the welfare of society. We expect the project results to bring about a long term change – a lasting, positive influence on improvement of education quality.

Three countries are participating: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, allowing each partner country to show their unique experience in improving the reading literacy of children. An innovative approach to improvement of children’s reading literacy will be developed based on the best practice and research results from each country. It will be a a goal oriented and successive work scheme for teachers working with kids from 1.5 to 12 years. The international activities will allow us to better understand what skills the teachers must possess and what support they require to successfully face the professional challenges, that are very similar in all three countries.